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Project Summary

Yana Fleming

Capacity Building

Development agencies and for-profit companies are shifting to the practice of local hiring over bringing in foreign staff. This system not only reduces costs, but can also assist in project and organizational stability. In certain operational areas, the training needed is universal. However, there remains a knowledge gap in the training of multimedia and communications  professionals. Yana and her team specializes in capacity building, technical assistance and training locally hired staff in emerging markets.
Click on the video to view a project created by young Palestine journalism  students.


Corporate Social Responsibility

The emergence and increased access to social media networks has placed corporate business practices in the developing world under a microscope. This rapid sharing of information can directly affect public opinion regarding their actions and behaviors in developing countries. Such an open platform is far from benign, a strategically placed negative comment can reduce sales and profiabtiligy, as well as the overall image and position of a corporation in the local, national, and global community. Yana Fleming and associates focus on maintenance, development, improvement and restoration of cooperate image through bespoke publicized CSR programs. We urge you to google your own organization, if your world image is different than that which you desire contact us today.
Click on the below to view a sample of our work in this area.

CSR Video

Multimedia Content

As integrated macerating communications specialist, we know how to gain the attention of the public in an increasingly complex and over crowded media marketplace. Simple strategies such as creating engaging PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, interactive PDFs, and custom animations to convey often complex subject matter to your audience is a highly effective strategy. Blending the right hypnotic and exciting words with animated and static infographics can memorize your audience both online and in-person. Allow us to carve a highly visible position for you and your organization in the high traffic digital world.
The sample below unpack an organization’s complex offering through animation.

Watch an Animation

Consultant Service Menu


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Digital Editing
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Public Realtions
  • Survey Methodology
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Technical Writing


  • Program development
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Appropriate publicity
  • Media Relations
  • Community realtions
  • Community outreach
  • Low literacy material developments
  • Infographics
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Prezis
  • Corporate Videos
  • Short Documentaries
  • PowerPoint Design
  • Voice Over
  • Animations



  •  Presnetation practice
  • Train executives to communicate with their audiences
  • Speech writing
  • Foundation Skills
  • On-camera presentation delivery and critique
  • How to handle tough question while staying on message
  • On-camera mock interview and critique


Frequently Asked Questions

The transfer of integrated marketing communications knowledge to locally hired talent is at the core of most of my engagements.  Building local capacity so they may leverage an organization’s message and brand integrity across media channels to increase donations and visibility is a hallmark of my non-profit communications strategy. My dedication to brand maintenance and growth stems from over 15-years of hands-on work in the development of online presences; written materials; and videos for diverse target audiences. With a strong combination of written and technical media skills, I have the ability to train local staff and/or personally execute effective multilingual campaigns including media out reach and shareable digital content.  I have over 10 years experience working in emerging markets where I developed web content; successful grants, fact sheets, social media campaigns, annual reports, press releases; as well as corporate and promotional videos scripts.

What kind of clients do you work with?

While many may link capacity building exclusively NGOs, my experience in working with locally hired talent extends from the non-profit to the corporate sector. With a speciality in developing communications for emerging markets, I do maintain a roster of multinational corporate clients.

Where are you located?

The myriad of communications tools available the internet allows me to work virtually anywhere there is sufficient telecommunication infrastructure. This approach allows me to limit my carbon footprint. However, I also work on-site with clients. In the past this has included Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, South Africa, Thailand, Peru, China, Argentina, Qatar, Mauritius, United States, and other locations.

Do you work alone?

Depending on the assignment I work individually or call upon the expert skills of my international network of marketing and communications specialist. My team includes animators, graphic designers, videographers, statisticians, technical writers, and web developers.

Yana is in sync with the latest trends in the industry and makes the most of technology in facilitating day to day business. She perpetually motivates and empowers the people with whom she works and inspires them to do their best and exceed the set goals. Yana sets the standards to the ultimate level and working with her in managing the Marketing & Communications activities of 14 countries has been, so far, enriching.

Bhushan Bissonauth

New Media & Communications Coordinator

I have been been working closely with Yana for the past few months at GroFin, I found that Yana is a very hard working and sincere marketeer who puts her heart and soul in the task she is assigned to which was so obvious during the launch event for our Egypt office.
Yana’s heart seems to be in development yet she has a keen eye on marketing & communication. Yana has supervised many projects where in she has showcased her skills of creativity, smart work, and leadership and many such attributes makes her an asset to any company she works with

Yehia Ashour

Senior Investment Manager

Yana contracted me at the end of my Shell Foundation tenure with GroFin, as she was just setting up systems for the department. She employs technology, automation, a vast network and of course, superior writing and media to make the marketing resonant and scalable. Even better, she track metrics rigorously, quantifying the value added to the bottom line. Its been a pleasure to collaborate with her.

Tara Sabre Collier

Emerging Markets Growth Strategist

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