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Marketing Communications
Yana specializes in helping corporate and NGOs communicate effectively and meet core organizational objectives—it’s the easiest way for them to know what success looks like. She takes a holistic approach to planning and evaluation that covers all possible aspects of your organization’s communications strategy. From the outset, Yana develops a communications calendar designed to continuously engage target audiences with key messages on the channels on which they are most active. Her campaigns have increased programmatic awareness, acquired new consumer bases, and forged strategic partnerships.
Public Relations
Internal Public Relations Presentation     The present information age is also referred to as the age of public relations – and with good reason. PR’s methodology and how it’s conducted has evolved considerably in recent years, with communications managers now leading boardroom discussions and influencing stakeholders. With her backgrounds in the media, public relations, marketing, and design, Yana understands how to help you deliver on your objectives and manage your expectations. Above all, Yana knows the power of earned media and the importance of attracting influencers—helping your messages cut through the white noise, ensuring your voice is heard. Contact Yana about the full range of public relations services she delivers including corporate affairs, crisis and change management, and brand marketing.
Social Media Engagement
Social media today is an ever-changing landscape. Every organization or brand can benefit from investing in a strong social media strategy, however, understanding where to start can be a challenge. Yana keeps it simple. By looking at your audience and goals she uses a research and trend approach to derive which social media channels will reach them and what content or campaign will engage them.  When it comes to social, Yana has developed campaigns for the most popular social networking sites, influencer bloggers and SMS.  Contact Yana Now for an evaluation of your current social media and digital footprint. From this diagnosis, she can create a social media-based markeing communications strategy, design social network pages, devise corporate social media communications guidelines, create a calendar, and set benchmarks to determine acceptable ROI for the budget.
B2B & B2C Writing
Advertorial for DTM Qatar     One of the most crucial aspects to your success in communications is producing copy that benefits your audience, but great copy alone won’t get results  – especially if it’s written to the wrong audience. Understanding the key differences between B2B and B2C copywriting is as vital a first step as is determining what channel to in which to publish. It’s crucial you adapt your language and tone to appeal to the target audience. With over a decade of experience writing for international markets and working in traditional print media, grant writing and marketing you don’t have to worry – your core messages will connect and inspire your audience to engage with your business.
Capacity Building
Development agencies and for-profit companies are shifting to the practice of local hiring over bringing in foreign staff. This system not only reduces costs, but can also assist in project and organizational stability. In certain operational areas, the training needed is universal. The video is an example of a capacity building project in Jenin Refugee Camp. However, there remains a knowledge gap in the training of multimedia and communications professionals. We teach in the following areas:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Digital Editing
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Public Relations
  • Survey Methodology
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Technical Writing
Corporate Social Responsibility
Doha Marriott CSR Video
We focus on maintenance, development, improvement and restoration of corporate image through bespoke publicized CSR programs. We urge you to google your own organization, if your world image is different than that which you desire contact us today.
Content Creation
How do you develop content that solves clients’ problems?   We firmly believe research, planning and analytics that identifies customer behavior is the best way to inform us as to where content can potentially help customers’ lives. By creating content that’s built around what we understand from customers’ behavior helps us to deliver the optimum results for our clients and ensures they are able to create and maintain long-term relationships with their customers.
Presentation Design
presentation sample Presentations are our passion. Let us capture the hearts and minds of your audience through elegant design, bold storytelling and outstanding content. Elevate your message so that your organization’s message gets across. Our PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, interactive PDFs and custom animations are custom made for your target audience – whether that audience is online or in-person. We work one-on-one with presenters to ensure both the visual and oral elements compliment each other, and to show your team how to write, design and successfully deliver a high-quality presentation.











For the past 12 years, I've worked on five continents as a communications consultant during which time my duties have included bridging the gap between my clients' vision, budget, target audience and timeline with the capabilities of their local staff and my creative team.

An independent person, during high school and university I solicited my professor for self-designed study abroad projects in lieu of daily classes. These unconventional learning experiences allowed me to exercise my studio art background as well as my modern language skills. I continue to thrive under self-direction working remotely for clients around the world.

The scope of my experience gives me a unique insight into how to raise the capacity of local staff in marketing and communications. The training Tristan and I offer local professionals ranges from the Creative Cloud instruction, to business English writing, to fundraising and multimedia content development. Together, we maintain an effective scheduling system which allows us to manage multiple client projects within their allotted timelines.


  • Grant Writing 86%
  • Public Relations 86%
  • Brand Strategy 89%
  • Social Media Campagins 90%
  • Low Literacy Communications Materials 92%
  • Infographics and Presentation 95%
  • Working in Developing World 100%

A Social World

Sure, most organizations get that social can improve brand awareness, recognition and customer loyalty, but what about the bigger picture? An integrated approach to social media has to focus on the end user; one with a clearly defined strategy that provides them with a useful conversation – and your business with a conversion.

The Written Word

Having worked in the publishing industry (newspapers, magazines and e-textbooks) as well as worked as a technical writer, I’ve written, edited, proofed (and perfected) just about every type of document imaginable. I’ve a keen eye for grammar and style, and can help you craft the perfect words to convey your message.

Mobile Matters

Whether working for a client in North America or Sub-Saharan Africa, we ensure all digital communications are mobile friendly and take advantage of the increased social media usage in emerging markets.

A Global Citizen

Over the past decade, I’ve worked with clients in more than 25 countries. I can work fluidly in areas where French, Spanish, Portuguese, Cape Verdean Creole and English are spoken.


Drawing on my fine arts background and Master’s in Integrated Marketing Communications, I devise cost effective creative CSR and capacity building solutions. My associates maintain advanced degrees in business, economics, creative direction and creative writing.

Original Content

Incorporating my creative direction with the talents of our international team of designers, animators, videographers, and subject matter experts, I create engaging, unique, traditional and new media content for our clients. I find that well-executed animations, infographics, sponsored content and videos can generate brand/program awareness through social media sharing.


Mandinga Ancestral

Mandinga Ancestral 2017: Capoeira Angola and African Arts Festival brought Capoeira Angola living legend Mestre João Grande to Kenya for the first time. We organized events in Nairobi, Naivasha, and Nakuru as well as created the festival website where international online shoppers may purchase apparel and accessories with the festival logo or make direct donations to support the ongoing effort to teach Capoeira Angola to youth in Nairobi’s slums.

The Freedom Theatre

In support of the Jenin based Freedom Theatre's first US tour, we offered social media promotional support across multiple channels to increase awareness and attendance at events in New York, Washington DC and Berkeley in October where The Freedom Theatre’s work was displayed through photo, film and talks.


Co-founded a site for those who live across international boundaries. Internationality is a free resource designed to encourage American "millennials" and "globals" of color to engage in professional and educational opportunities which will better prepare them to participate in the global economy. On Internationality, we share ideas and opportunities to work, study, volunteer, create or do business overseas, as well as insights, resources, and community to do it.



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Alternative Contact

Phone: +1 202 812 6520


A communications professional in every sense of the word, Yana has all the qualities you would expect – and much more. She is full of innovative ideas, tenacity and is dedicated to helping a company achieve its business goals. Yana overhauled Rawai’s entire brand identity and spent considerable effort building our capacity. She redesigned our company website, its logos, and conceptualized an entire new range of sporting apparel. Yana also devoted herself to training me and key Rawai staff in the filming, editing and production of high-quality video content; not only this, she played a major role in promoting a charitable fund for local children in need. Thank you for everything Yana! Diana Campillo

Owner, Rawai Muay Thai

I have been been working closely with Yana for the past few months at GroFin, I found that Yana is a very hard working and sincere marketeer who puts her heart and soul in the task she is assigned to which was so obvious during the launch event for our Egypt office. Yana’s heart seems to be in development yet she has a keen eye on marketing & communication. Yana has supervised many projects where in she has showcased her skills of creativity, smart work, and leadership and many such attributes makes her an asset to any company she works with. Yehia Ashour

Senior Investment Manager, GroFin

Yana contracted me at the end of my Shell Foundation tenure with GroFin, as she was just setting up systems for the department. She employs technology, automation, a vast network and of course, superior writing and media to make the marketing resonant and scalable. Even better, she track metrics rigorously, quantifying the value added to the bottom line. Its been a pleasure to collaborate with her. Tara Collier

Emerging Markets Growth Strategist, Ernst & Young